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433MHz remotes with >500ft range

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Joerg, Oct 29, 2010.

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  1. Joerg

    Joerg Guest

    Out here in the Wild West _this_ is a range:
  2. Joerg

    Joerg Guest

    Paul is in Finland. The place where they hack a hole in the ice and dive
    right from the sauna into freezing water :)

    For range. 2.45GHz doesn't give you 500ft sustained unless you really
    hammer the power into the air. Which is a problem when there's only a
    coin cell to feed things.

    Yes, as I mentioned it's more like half a cell phone, with belt clip and
    a hard stub antenna sticking out.

    There are, but those are all different between countries. Makes for a
    logistics nightmare.

  3. Shame, it should be the place where we put the huge number of criminals
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  4. Oh yeah... Surround the new prisons with powerful electric fences.
    Hell, do the border that way too... the second, inner fence... the one
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    A L T O V O L T A J E !

  5. And you're a goddamned retard. So what is new?
  6. TTman

    TTman Guest

    I think it's doable at 10bps @433
    I had a friend years ago that did an RF domestic oil tank level meter
    (UK)and achieved huge range at very low bps.
  7. The top of your desk or your room are quite natural entities to form a
    cell. However trying to communicate with other devices in a nearby
    room would certainly be possible using "sufficient" transmitter power
    levels, which would ruin the frequency reuse in nearby rooms.

    For that reason, it makes sense to use low power base stations in each
    room and connect the base stations together with some wired network.
    In this way, frequencies can be reused much more effectively. Thus
    allowing much more devices to coexist in a given space and frequency
    band, including your next superduper wireless gadget :).

    Many modern devices for unlicensed bands are quite good in handling
    the congestion. For instance, when new DSSS transmitters are added to
    an area, each receiver will suffer a small degradation of the
    signal/noise ratio of the wanted signal. With a large number of new
    transmitters added, the received (despread) SNR is so low that
    communication is impossible.

    Assuming that you are the first user of band in your area and you
    succeed in setting up links as long as the (often hilarious)
    manufacturer claims. Some time later (perhaps next week), when others
    have installed their systems in your area and frequency band, the SNR
    gets degraded, your weakest links will drop out now and then and
    finally the strongest short links work reliably. Thus, you either have
    to design your network with sufficient SNR margins at the beginning or
    be prepared to split your network later, when there are other signal
    sources installed that are reducing the SNR.

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  9. Jan Panteltje:
    But I don't think that they will be chased from there, as the Dutch were
    chased from Africa, Asia & America.
  10. Joerg

    Joerg Guest

    I'll have to dig up some documents about that. I have read about a guy
    who did massive autocorrelation and achieved a stunning (and sustained)
    range. Problem is, we'd need remotes ready-to-go, off theshelf stuff.
    Nicely packaged and ideally with the batteries already in there :)
  11. Joerg

    Joerg Guest

    Huh? What are they doing there? All the Alaskans I know are pretty
    level-headed and smart folks.
  12. Jan Panteltje:
    Well, also maladies and alcohol played their part.
    Tell us about your new Government. Are you happy with it?
    Holland, contry of free pot.
  13. Michael A. Terrell:
    That was because your problem was so bad that it tilted the statistics or
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  17. Guest

    One theory is that the lack of sunlight causes depression. Many Northern
    countries (and US states) have the similar problems.
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  19. Michael A. Terrell:
    I'm sorry. I hoped you were drunk.
  20. Guest

    DimBulb thinks it is. Perhaps the two of them can get a room.
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