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433Mhz Remote with Programmer and Temperature Fuctions

Discussion in 'Radio and Wireless' started by Leigh_fr, Feb 21, 2017.

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  1. Leigh_fr


    Feb 21, 2017

    I've been using Otio programmer remotes to control lights and heating systems
    The programmer can be set to turn lights/boilers on/off manually or using timer setting or temperature limits (eg. less than 7DegC)

    The Otio work fine - when they work which is around 50% of the time. The receiver modules lose the button programming and I've had a number of them just die.

    The mini remotes,
    for manual control are also unreliable and also feel cheap and rattle when placed in cars

    My requirements are
    1). I need to be able to control boilers using manual 0n/off, timers (at least 2 periods in a day) and temperature (Min on, Max off)
    2). The receivers can have at least 3 TX units programmed (Main programmable TX above, plus 2 mini manual TX)
    3). Mini TX's have at least 4 control channels, to program up to 4 sets of lights - I place various spot lights outside owners houses so that they can be turned on when people turn up in their cars - no street lights

    Also looked at some of the home automation stuff but start to get expensive (>150€) and I don't need remote control over the internet. Lots of homes where I live in France don't have internet or GSM coverage so has to be self "standing" system

    Can anyone point me to an alternative but good quality :rolleyes: product.


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