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4053 feedthrough

Discussion in 'General Electronics' started by Sean Bartholomew, Jun 17, 2004.

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  1. i am switching audio via a MOS 4053. problem is that in the OFF mode
    there is a crackly channel off feedthrough somewhat ugly. is there a
    similar chip that handles more headroom? i tried grounding the signal
    through various resistors to lower the overall signal INTO the chip
    but its changing the tone. im actually using a guitar as the audio
    the guitar is wired both directly to the OFF pin of the 4053 switch
    and to the in of my overdrive FX pedal. the ON pin takes the output of
    my pedal. the com/out goes to my amp.
  2. Have you remembered to DC shield the line with a say 10 uF capacitor? That
    could help. Both on the in and out of your switch.
  3. I'll bet that you're sending too much signal to the 4053. When the
    signal gets near the power supply voltage, it goes through an 'off'
    swich, probably using the internal protection diodes as the path. A
    look with a scope would definitely confirm it.
  4. i KNOW its because of too much signal going in. i SAID that.
    anyway for others with a similar problem, i fixed it.
    Ve was set to ground and anytime the signal went below that it bled
    through so all i had to do was set Ve to -5V. actually in my case
    since i only had a 9V supply, i split the voltage sending 4.5 to the
    circuit and -4.5 to that pin. worked like a charm. no bleed through at
    all!!! even from the FX output with the overdrive volume set to FULL.
    beautiful. thanks to Dwane in Canada.
    thanks man!!!!
  5. Where, sir, did you say the signal was too loud? I looked at your
    original post and you said you tried resistors that changed the tone.
    Nothing was mentioned about the bad sounds going away.
  6. huh?
    ur losin me man.
    anyway. the reason i used resistors was to try to GET the volume lower
    so it WONT bleed through. but i works fine now. plus now i dont even
    need to regulate the 9V down to 5V. i just split it to +4.5 and -4.5.
    easy as peasey.
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