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4024 divider

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by C Alford, Apr 10, 2004.

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  1. C Alford

    C Alford Guest

    Evening all,
    Would I be right in assuming that I can't just put an analog audio signal
    straight into a 4024 divider IC and get a divided audio output? Does the
    signal (going in or coming out) need to be altered in some way to hear the

  2. Yep - its a digital divider

    Suggest you read up on basic electronics in your library


  3. Google for "octave divider" and "bass" together. This was/is a popular
    project among bass guitar and electronics enthusiasts. It makes the
    sound phat. You will probably need to run the audio into a comparator
    circuit first, to "square" it up. It may also be called "octave fuzz".
    In the more advanced circuits, the divided output tracks the amplitude
    of the input. There are also other methods using variable analog or
    digital delay to create a softer effect.

    Frank Raffaeli
  4. Chris Cain

    Chris Cain Guest

    what is it that you are trying to do actually? If you are trying to
    divide an audio signal down in terms of its compoment frequencies then
    it is a little more complex. If you could describe the problem that
    you are trying to solve then I will see if I can help you out,


    Chris Cain
  5. Well Chris, I didn't post this question - I answered it.......


  6. Chris,

    You can sure put an audio sigal into a digital circuit. However I should
    consider its output - if you get any - neither digital nor audio. You will
    certainly *not* have divided audio. In other words: It makes no sense.

  7. JeffM

    JeffM Guest

    can't just put an analog audio signal straight into a 4024 divider
    If your library has a copy of The Art of Electronics, look there.
    Start with:
    logic levels (CMOS)
    clipping circuits
    comparators and hysteresis

    Years ago guitar players tried to use a 1-stage divider (flip-flop)
    as an octave divider. It was mainly a toy.
    They found that they had to pick very cleanly
    or it just put out a jumble of noise.

    As Petrus says, the 4024 makes no sense.
  8. One of the things I am starting to learn: a lot of things in audio
    make no sense. Next to oxygen-free cable and "tubes", a cheap
    square-wave octave divider isn't much of an insult. ;-)

    The OP never really made it clear what they meant by "divided audio".

    True octave synthesizers are not so simple, but a divided squared wave
    still sounds phat. Lots of bass guitar players create an effect using
    a better device, e.g. Electro Harmonix; however, one of the popular
    homebrew methods uses the square-wave divider. It is also the basic
    principle in several commercial products for bass guitar effects.
    Uh-oh ... I feel a project coming on ... ;-)

    Frank Raffaeli
  9. Frank,

    I believe every word you wrote, but with one sentence you hit the nail right
    on the head: The OP never really made it clear.....
    Being an engineer so neither a mindreader nor a musician I answered the
    question "as is" without assumptions.

  10. Paul Burke

    Paul Burke Guest

    How does an audio divider work? Perhaps the song "No, no, a thousand
    times no", would come out as "fifteen times no"? Or a reading of The
    Thirty Nine Steps is reduced to thirteen? The news at six becomes two?

    Paul Burke
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