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4-pin Crystal

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Hoi Wong, Sep 20, 2006.

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  1. Hoi Wong

    Hoi Wong Guest

    I usually see crystals with 2-pins. Can anybody tell me what are the other
    legs for in 4-pin crystal oscillator packages? Thanks in advance.

    -- Hoi
  2. vic

    vic Guest

    These are oscillators, ie crystals + the required circuitry to make them
    oscillate. The pins are vcc, gnd, clock out and the last is not connected.

    They orivide a good accuracy and can be used as a clock line for several

  3. Ben Jackson

    Ben Jackson Guest

    A crystal oscillator has power/gnd/out and possibly adjust or a no-connect.
    There are 4-connector surface mount crystals. Two opposite corners are
    the crystal and the other two seem to connect to the case (so you could
    ground it).
  4. Andrew Holme

    Andrew Holme Guest

    Three of them are: VCC, GND and OUTPUT.

    Sometimes they have an ENABLE.
  5. Hoi Wong

    Hoi Wong Guest

    Thanks a lot folks! I couldn't find the datasheet for the 4-pin oscillators
    I have. Is there a general way to test which pin is which? I knew only one
    of them is connected to the case, and I don't want to blow it up by putting
    the power pin in the wrongest place.
  6. Should be on

  7. Most of these oscillators would fit in a 14 pin IC socket. Pin 1 is
    marked (sharp corner while others are rounded) and may be a control or
    enable input. Pin 7 is ground, 8 is output, and 14 is +5 volts.

    Have a look at Digikey for oscillators - the package and pinout is
    common to most manufacturers.
  8. Hoi Wong

    Hoi Wong Guest

    cool..... thank you all :)
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