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4-8ch relay board ?

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Jan Nielsen, Jun 12, 2007.

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  1. Jan Nielsen

    Jan Nielsen Guest


    Anyone know of a good relay board, that can be interfaced from a mcu
    using either 1digital output (20ma max, or if need be I can include the
    transistor) per relay, or simple serial comm at low baud rate.

    Should run and trigger at 5VDC.
    Needs 4-8outputs each capable of 230Vac 5amp
    Preferably with a case included.

    The board should include rectifiers, transistors, and other components
    to make it work from a 5VDC source with 20ma triggers, or a serial protocol.

    I would prefer a EU store, but any ideas is welcome.


  2. Elektuur, mei 2003

    petrus bitbyter
  3. Jamie

    Jamie Guest

    if you're going through all that bother, how about a PLC brick that has
    all of that already ?
    Maybe a PLC can't be used, who knows.
  4. Jan Nielsen

    Jan Nielsen Guest

    Jamie skrev:
    Maybe it can, I havent used PLC before.
    I want to make a networked relay box, so I can start, stop, cycle the
    relays remotely.

    I know such products already exists, I just want to make one myself,
    partly for the price, and partly to learn.

  5. Si Ballenger

    Si Ballenger Guest
  6. Jan Nielsen

    Jan Nielsen Guest

  7. Neil

    Neil Guest

    If you want to climb up the learning curve, how about
    - a PIC16F877 (partly because I've used one and managed to make it work so
    it must be reasonably easy) to take in an RS232 signal (could email you
    some code if need be)
    - or an FTDI245 usb-to-fifo device,
    -- driving into a buffer (74hct540, with leds see what's supposed to be
    --- controlling some chunky power rated relays
    All points monitorable, upgradeable, make the serial link as simple or
    complex as you like ...
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