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4-6" tall Minute only clock.

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Brandon, Oct 4, 2003.

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  1. Brandon

    Brandon Guest

    I am looking for the following...( google produced nothing)
    an LED or LCD minute clock ( just 2 digits) 4-6 inches in height and is high
    visibility, prefer AC power.

    Perhaps a link to a kit or schematic so that I can build it myself.

    Thanks for any info.
  2. I built a schematic for this. Take a look at

    I have not breadboarded it, but simulation seems to work fine. Make sure the
    7 segment display driver can drive your big LEDs.

    Bob Monsen
  3. Brandon

    Brandon Guest

    Well, thank you !
    Just out of curiosity. What would you estimate this to cost?
    What if you built it and sent it to me?
    Just curious.
    Thanks again
  4. The total parts cost would be dominated by the 5" displays, which'll run you
    about $40 each (ouch). The transformer is about $10. The microcontroller,
    shift registers, and assorted power mosfets is about $20. So, you are
    looking at about $110 in parts. The case will be more, depending on how
    fancy you want it to look.

    Its too bad I didn't buy that large digit (4") 7 segment display A/C alarm
    clock at the yard sale yesterday for 50 cents; its possible though that your
    application will require brighter segments. The ones on digikey (see link
    below) should be really bright.

    Bob Monsen
    email me at rcmonsen at comcast dot net
  5. Actually, I just found some cheaper displays:

    $13 for 5" high 7 segment red displays. Much cheaper, and they look about
    the same from the specs.

    Bob Monsen
  6. Brandon

    Brandon Guest

    Hi Bob, appreciate your effort here, so...

    Would you be interested in building this thing?
    What's your price?
  7. email me at rcmonsen at comcast dot net

    your email bounced

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