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32" TFT LCD TV no picture -- audio & backlight works

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by kevin, Nov 22, 2006.

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  1. kevin

    kevin Guest

    I just bought a TV and all the sudden no picture was being displayed.
    This tv was bought on ebay so go figures... The thing is that the
    black light is fine and audio is working properly. It seems as the
    actual LCD is not providing any picture. I tried displaying a menu or
    something but it just seems a a dead LCD controller?

    any ideas as of how I can track the problem? do some tests??

    This is the model and number
    Hyndai 32" TFT LCD TV & MONITOR HLT-3272

    Thanks for the help in advance...

    Kevin Cosner
  2. Art

    Art Guest

    Contact service facility, unit should still be under manufacturer's
  3. kevin

    kevin Guest

    There is no warranty on this product... So any ideas?
  4. JUST Bought it and no warranty?
    If you bought it from a store you should be able to return it.
    If you bought it from a private party or it "fell off a truck" or some
    other situation then you're out of luck.
    There's not much serviceable in these except the backlight, inverter,
    power supply.
  5. All too many of these 'eBay deals' are from pallet lots of store returns.
    There is often an as-is warning on the auction.
  6. Guest

    He said he bought it on ebay.
  7. kevin

    kevin Guest

    Yes this product was bought knowing that it was defective... As Is! so
    I'm just trying to figure out what was wrong....
    Turns out after looking and looking there is a small fuse but really
    small! this is located on the converter I believe... but now I replaced
    it! works! but then a hissing sound or something and bam goes out
    again... so I'm guessing I;'m getting closer..
    now any ideas? jeje..
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