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Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by 458, Jan 1, 2005.

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  1. 458

    458 Guest

    update on this sony kv32fs16 set plays about half hour and shuts down,
    happen to have it on the bench and needed cable line for another set.i
    took cable line off sony and was working on other set and noticed that
    sony was still on after about i hour. i left set on without cable hooked
    up to it and it stayed on all day. hooked cable back up tp set and within
    5 min. it shut down again, as long as i leave it with raster only it stays
    on naturally its all snow but not shuting also blinks twice on
    front of set which means short in current protection sony code book
    says, checked all caps, and diodes found none bad help please jack
    @allen park tv
  2. Guest

    A Sony that shuts down when cable signal applied is almost always due
    to the horizontal frequency (free-run) being too far off. Yes, this
    will cause an overcurrent protect shutdown. Main B+ regulation being
    too high or low will also cause the horizontal frequency to be off.

    Double check the free-run horizontal frequency (no signal applied) to
    see if it is within specification.

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