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32 inch Panasonic-DEAD

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Jason W, Feb 6, 2004.

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  1. Jason W

    Jason W Guest

    I have a Panasonic model ct32sx31. It is just a couple of years old.
    Last power up attempt yielded nothing. the unit started to come on
    and went dead.

    Have checked that the house outlet is working properly.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Art

    Art Guest

    Probably sone type of failure within the tele itself requiring removal of
    the protective case and actual troubleshooting of the set. May want to have
    a tech hage a go at it and pay for an estimate.
  3. James Sweet

    James Sweet Guest

    Yeah, it's broken, take it to a shop. If you have a multimeter, soldering
    equipment and basic knowledge of how a TV works you may be able to fix it,
    but you'll have to get inside and do some testing. Also absolutely *do not*
    adjust anything while you're in there.
  4. Ken G.

    Ken G. Guest

    Take the back off and check the fuse . If it is blown black inside the
    glass then the set most likely has a part shorted .
    If the fuse is good it could be just the horizontal transistor wend bad

  5. I agree with the posters who advised you not to go into your set
    unless you know what you're doing. Thirty-odd years ago, I worked on
    tube-type TV sets and was able to correct many if not most or all
    problems with them. Today, however, I own two late-model solid-state
    color sets which I would not dream of repairing myself--my knowledge
    of TV repair techniques is too far outdated.

    I would take that set to a repair shop and have technicians who are
    well-versed in solid-state repair techniques fix it. These people have
    had years of training and experience repairing solid-state sets, and
    can get your TV working as good as new, albeit at a price. TV repair,
    like everything else, is not cheap, but in most cases (and if your TV
    isn't too old) it is worth it.

    I would not, however, spend more than your set is worth to have it
    repaired, but this has been said here (and elsewhere) many times
    before by others besides myself. Television sets today, especially CRT
    models of all screen sizes, are coming down in price drastically. I
    don't know how much you paid for your TV when it was new or how long
    you have owned it, but if you are quoted some sky-high figure to have
    your set repaired, by all means junk it and get yourself a new one.
    The new set will have a factory warranty and will likely perform even
    better than your present set, unless you get a Zenith or an RCA, both
    of which are very troublesome--more trouble than they are worth,
    anyhow, but I understand the RCAs are very good sets which will serve
    you well for years once a few bad joints are resoldered around the
    tuner. My 19" RCA, purchased new over four years ago, is living proof
    of that; I've only had it repaired once so far. The technician
    resoldered all joints around the onboard tuner after repairing the
    problem I called him in for. The repairs cost me something like $120
    or thereabouts, but it was well worth it. The TV has a beautiful
    picture on cable now. Would not and will not replace it until or
    unless HDTVs become a lot more affordable.

    I'd avoid Zenith like the plague. Time was when Zenith televisions,
    stereos and other home-entertainment gear were top-of-the-line
    (remember their former slogan, "the quality goes in before the name
    goes on", in the '50s and '60s?). Not anymore. Today's "Zenith"
    branded televisions are made by Gold Star, and are about as unreliable
    as they come. The CRTs are junk (they go bad, usually by shorting,
    within two years; when they short they usually damage the chassis
    severely as well), the picture quality is nowhere near as good as
    genuine Zeniths made by the original Zenith Radio Corporation of
    Chicago, the new sets have had HV regulation problems, and if all this
    weren't bad enough, some Zenith HD projection sets have been subject
    to massive recalls because of a defective gasket which caused coolant
    leakage onto the circuit boards, not to mention other problems which
    caused safety hazards as well.

    Panasonic is a good make of TV, as are Sony and several other
    offshore brands; they haven't had nearly the problems RCA and the new
    "Zeniths" are running into--in fact, Panasonic and Sony are two of the
    most reliable offshore brands around, from what I have read in this
    group. (I have a great-aunt who owned a Sony 15-inch color portable in
    the late '60s; the set worked flawlessly for her, with a good picture,
    etc., for about the next 20 years or so. When that set finally gave up
    in the early '80s, she bought another Sony which also worked well, and
    probably still does today. If that doesn't speak volumes for Sony
    quality, I don't know what does.)

    If you like how your Panasonic works, sounds, etc., by all means get
    a new one. With new CRT-based sets coming down drastically in price as
    I mentioned above, you can get new CRT-based sets almost dirt-cheap
    these days, so I would say don't put too much money into your present
    set (unless it is still new enough to be under the factory warranty,
    in which case I'd say go ahead and have it fixed, of course).

    Good luck and very kind regards,

    Jeff Strieble, WB8NHV (mailto: )
    Fairport Harbor, Ohio
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