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3 sound cards -> speakers?

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by Doug, Jul 18, 2004.

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  1. Doug

    Doug Guest

    hi all,

    I want to be able to switch any of 3 computer sound cards through one set of
    logitech speakers (which are currently connected to 1 soundcard).

    I bought a Digitor "4-way Audio Switch Box" from DSE.

    The switch box has the following socket config:-

    L o o o o o(3.5mm)
    R o o o o

    How do I connect this switch to the speakers/soundcards?

  2. djs

    djs Guest

    each line out of the sound card to the input of 1 of the channels....
    but make shure yo uhave a lead with a 3.5 phono plug on 1 end...and rcas on
    the other...or there are adapters around that can do this type of
    stuff...then from the amplifier out to you speaker mite have to make a
    lead for this one 3.5 female socket to rca to the switch.

    i hope that makes sense
  3. Doug

    Doug Guest

    thank you for reply.

    So if I understand you correctly for each sound card I will need a cable
    comprising of a 3.5mm phono plug on one end and two rca plugs (L and R) on
    the other end? The 3.5mm phono plug goes into the souncard?

    "then from the amplifier out to you speaker"

    does this mean from the amplifier *socket* to the speakers?
    If so, that will be another 2 x rca plug --> 3.5mm phono plug?

    If you're still with me, for "INPUT4" can that be a 3.5mm phono plug
    (soundcard) --> 3.5mm phono plug? (switch)

    thanks again...
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