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3 Ph single conductors

Discussion in 'Electrical Engineering' started by Dave, Sep 19, 2004.

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  1. Dave

    Dave Guest

    The Electrical code says single conductor runs shall have 1 diameter spacing
    between A,B,C.

    What harm would be done if the runs are side by side with no spacing?

    Thanks, Dave
  2. SQLit

    SQLit Guest

    Are you speaking of overhead, in conduit or in cable trays and or ducts?
  3. Dave

    Dave Guest

    They are 500 mcm single conductor tech cable runs of a 3 ph 480 volt feed to
    a MCC section. They are run up in a wooden ceiling strapped to 2x4's. I
    believe the spacing is to reduce sheath currents due to the magnetic field
    cutting through the aluminum armor.

  4. SQLit

    SQLit Guest

    From what I am reading/understanding, you need the help of a pro that is
    local to you.
    Strapping 500 MCM to an wood surface is an violation of everything good and
    true that I know. Please call some one for an estimate locally.
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