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3.6 V ---> 72 V possible?

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by optimistx, Sep 22, 2004.

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  1. optimistx

    optimistx Guest

    Assume LiIon battery cell giving nominally 3.6 V (2.8V--4.2 V), 10 Ah,
    max discharge 30 Amperes temporarily, continuous operating current 3 A.,
    pulse discharge current 150 A.

    Is it possible to easily :) design an inverter or boost converter for
    one's own use to give the dc output 72 V with high efficiency? (= 20
    times the input voltage) or is this too high a ratio? (protections
    needed for commercial products can be omitted)

    A detailed circuit diagram with a shopping list ? Which breadboard kit
    to use in experiments? Or is it impossible to cope with wire inductances
    in usual breadboard kits? A microprocessor and software based solution
    is ok.

    The output will be used to control a small permanent magnet brushless
    motor (which can take 72 V nominal), so the ripple magnitude is not a
  2. Chris Holmes

    Chris Holmes Guest

    Hi optimistx,

    Yes, it should be possible. You could try the LT1170HV from Linear
    Technology. The datasheet will give you some idea of the circuitry
    involved. I suppose the biggest question is the rating of the brushless
    motor. 72V sounds like a big motor to me, but that's not really my area. :)

  3. Rylos

    Rylos Guest

    Should be possible but the thing that I would be concerned with is the
    current draw from the battery. Remember that input power = output power with
    a switching power converter ideally speaking (minus some losses of course).
    If your battery is 3.6V nominal with a 3A continous current then that gives
    a maximum continous power average of 10.8W. With a 72V motor on the output,
    it should draw no more than 150mA continous or else you'll be pulling more
    than 3A from your battery which may smoke it. Make sense?

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