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$3.00 Basic Kit (for parts or "plinking") in Lake Park, FL

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Stephen Kurzban, Jan 14, 2004.

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  1. Been searching for something unrelated and saw this:

    stock # 6102 KT
    at in the clearance page (link)

    You get a miniature speaker, 4 small push switches, battery
    holder for 2 AA cells and the pix is too hard to see, so the
    circuit card may just have an encapsulated blob covering a
    microcircuit (likely worthless for parts...) - all in all at
    least 4 bucks in parts and some soldering practice.

    This kit might be worth the cost if shipping and handling is
    not inflated, but a good deal for sure if local to Lake Park
    Florida maybe they have a store front? The # is (800)
    652-6733 and I am not affiliated, just figured 35 years ago
    I might have jumped on it myself when I was a beginner.
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