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2wire 1701HG

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by clifto, Jul 1, 2007.

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  1. clifto

    clifto Guest

    It's a wireless gateway for DSL. A friend brought it for testing.

    It's a real light show. It starts out doing nothing. After two minutes it
    starts flashing its three LEDs. very short pulses that start out about
    2 times per second and gradually (1 min.) go to 10-20 Hz. This keeps up
    for a minute or two and the flashes go from 5% duty cycle to about 90%.
    Another minute and it starts cycling, 2 times per second the Power
    LED goes red for 1/10 second and then it turns green while the other
    two LEDs light 4/10 second. This keeps up for five minutes or thereabouts.
    Then it starts going "power red" 1/3 second and "power green" plus the
    other LEDs 2/3 second, keeps that up for five or ten minutes, then we
    get 1/3 second power-green plus 2 others, 1/3 power-green only, 1/3
    second power-red; that kept up for over an hour. An earlier test had its
    final stage different; the power light would blink green once per second,
    32 times, then there'd be power-red plus two other LEDs and a click for
    half a second.

    The DSL provider suggested it might be power supply. It's rated 5.1V 2A
    and shows 5.3V no load.

    With this kind of pseudorandom behavior I'm thinking hardware failure,
    but wanted to check first to see if anyone else has seen anything like
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