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2N6059 obsolete

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by George Herold, Nov 5, 2013.

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  1. Hi guys, Our purchasing 'guy' just told me the 2N6059 (npn Darlington in aTO-3 pack) has gone obsolete. There's a few hundred at newark, I told himto grab ~100. But is there another 'favorite' npn darlington in a to-3? I could stand something with less current/ power (4-5 amps is plenty.)

    George H.
  2. Guest

    How flexible is your PCB design? If i were you, i would take out the little Darling (the first stage) and just use the standard work horse TO-3 (i think everybody know that one!).
  3. Den tirsdag den 5. november 2013 18.18.58 UTC+1 skrev George Herold:
    Newark has two part numbers (nte/multicomp) so ~400 in stock, and lists
    2N6284 as a direct replacement digikey also have that one in stock

  4. Hi Edward.. the design is from the (~1990's) I would rather not have to redo it. (The pcb is on an old winboard defunct. I'd have to redo the whole thing.) Maybe I'd just try a FET today. I could shoe horn inmy own darlington.. I guess. Well we'll buy 100 and put it off for several years.
    What's the standard TO-3 work horse? Sorry I don't know.

    George H.
  5. sms

    sms Guest

    The lower current Darlingtons don't come in a TO-3 so the 2N6284 is
    probably your best bet. There are some higher current ones available as
  6. Thanks Lasse..sorry I must be getting lazy.

    George H.
  7. Guest

    TO-3 layout should have a large copper area for cooling. There should be enough space to add a tiny SMT first stage transistor. I have to look around, but i think even a SOT-23 might be enough. You should be able to reworkit from Gerber files, rather than the original program.
    I guess i am dating myself. 2N3055 was available long before 2N6059. You are probably too young to know 2N3055 projects.
  8. Guest

    PS: If you send me the Gerber files, i'll do it.
    PPS: 2N3055 ($1.50) are still actively being designed and made. Adding a MMBT2222 ($0.05) should still be much cheaper than 2N6059 (>$3.00?).
  9. Guest

    You must be as old as me. I remember arguing with someone that it does notmake sense to add the little Darling in the heavy power semi device and double the cost. I argued against 2N6059. I guess it takes decades to settle it.
  10. 2N3055 will probably be made almost forever.

  11. Wow! No, no, I'd just have 'em air wire in a little npn. The 2N6059 sits on a back panel heat sink so it wouldn't be that much of a issue.
    Grin, we sell in the 10-20 per year range... price is not much of an issue until it gets near ~$100.

    Thanks for the generosity.
    George H.
  12. how long has the 2n3055 been around?

    I know I got the last one I needed from Radio Shack- yeah, they stock
    these in some of the stores.
  13. Guest

    Since 1960s, will still be there in 2060.
  14. Guest

    If it's externally mounted, easy enough to change to TO-220. You don't really need the TO-3 housing for 4A to 5A. If it's on PCB, a little more difficult.
    Or cut off the top of the can and put in a doom skylight. Cut the base wire and re-route it to the little Darling (2N2222). There might even be enough room to put in an LED.

    I'll find my 3055 and see how difficult that would be.
  15. Tauno Voipio

    Tauno Voipio Guest

    Yes they did - I burned my fingwr with a 2N3055
    in 1967.
  16. Guest

    "The transistor is the fundamental building block of modern electronic devices, and is ubiquitous in modern electronic systems. Following its development in 1947 by John Bardeen, Walter Brattain, and William Shockley, the transistor revolutionized the field of electronics, and paved the way for smaller and cheaper radios, calculators, and computers, among other things. Thetransistor is on the list of IEEE milestones in electronics, and the inventors were jointly awarded the 1956 Nobel Prize in Physics for their achievement."
    I burn my ears with 2N3055. They are mostly used for audio power amps and linear regulators.
  17. Guest

    Seems like the manu's are dropping the TO-3 package more than anything else.. NTE will be making the NTE247 forever, same part.
  18. Guest

    NTE247 are not available from Digikey or Mouser; so, that pretty much rule it out for serious prototypes or designs. OTOH, 2N3055 are available from D, M, and eBay for a $1. If you search more carefully, you can get them for 50 cents. 2N3055 are forever.
  19. Guest

    So is a 1 ohm resistor but it's not the 2N6059. Newark, among others, distributes NTE. NTE is aftermarket, so it costs, but it's still way cheaper than keeping unused inventory, or any of your insane ideas.
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