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2817 eeprom

Discussion in '8bit Microcontrollers' started by Bill Garber, Oct 27, 2003.

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  1. Bill Garber

    Bill Garber Guest

    I need the proper pinout and wiring for the
    Intel D2817A. I have a few I got used and if
    they can be rewritten I would like to use them
    for something.


    Bill @ GarberStreet Enterprizez };-)
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  2. Ralf Brandt

    Ralf Brandt Guest

  3. Bill Garber

    Bill Garber Guest

    Ok, Thanks. I have that. It's the same as the AT28C17.
    What I need to know is, what does all this mean, and
    what all needs to be connected to ensure that the chip
    is fully zapped. This is an excerpt from the AT28C17.PDF
    I got from the net.

    "CHIP CLEAR: The Contents of the entire memory of the
    AT28C17 may be set to the high state by the CHIP CLEAR
    operation. By Setting ~CE low and ~OE to 12 volts, the chip
    is cleared when a 10 msec pulse is applied to ~WE."

    The tilde in front of the signal references is actually an
    overscore in the above quoted text.

    What I need are examples of how these are applied to various
    circuits, and/or even a hand drawn diagram of how I can
    connect them in order to attain the required results.
    I hate to throw these away because they have code on them
    that I can't erase, and there are tons more I can acquire very
    inexpensively, not to mention that many roms in older 8-bit
    systems are 2k. I enjoy rewriting romware and seeing it being
    implemented in ways that the creator of the system did not
    intend. It's kool. Eproms are fine, but if I can have chips that
    I can program in-line, then I can have even more fun.

    Any more help that someone can offer will be greatly

    Many Thanks in Advance,

    Bill @ GarberStreet Enterprizez };-)
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  4. Ralf Brandt

    Ralf Brandt Guest

    As far as I know, this EEPROM's are connected to a micro controller
    just as they where ordinary static RAM.
    The only difference is that the EEPROM needs additional time after a
    write cycle.

    Chau Ralf Brandt
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