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27" Toshiba tv model:CX28613 chassis:TAC9215

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by [email protected], Jun 29, 2005.

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  1. Guest

    27" Toshiba tv model:CX28613 chassis:TAC9215,year:Dec 1992,there is no
    Sams photofact.I need the part # (& wattage) for R327 which reads green
    then blue but the remaining two color bands are burnt,so it's either a
    5.6,0.56 or 56 ohms.
    I already replaced C301,C305=1 Uf,50v (brown colored Elna) and C308=220
    Uf,35v and will replace IC301=TA8427K.

    Other part #'s for TA8427:

    IC501 in Sharp & IC301 in some Toshiba's:
    Generic # TA8427
    Generic # TA8427K
    Generic # TA8427N
    ECG Philips/NTE # NTE7158
    RCA SK Thomson # TA8427K
    RCA # 228444
    Sharp # IX1224CEZZ
    Sharp # X1224CE
    Sharp # VHITA8427K\-1
    Sharp # VHITA8427K/-1
    Toshiba old # B0378560
    Toshiba new # 23319832

    Thanks in advance for the value of R327.

    Dartmouth,Nova Scotia
  2. Inty

    Inty Guest

    Where this resistance is employed ??? It's a resistor-fuse ??? By seeing the
    traces on the PCB you can easily identify it... if it's a resistor-fuse you
    can use a .56ohm or a 5.6ohm !!! If it's in another section, and isn't a
    resistor fuse, you can try .56, 5.6 and 56 without blowing anything out
    using a Variac !!!

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