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27" Sony tv model:KV-27FS13, chassis:SCC-S41-LA

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by [email protected], Feb 6, 2007.

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  1. Guest

    27" Sony flat screen stereo tv model:KV-27FS13,chassis:SCC-S41L-A
    (same as USA SCC-S40NA,chassis:BA-5,year:Aug 2002,Silver colored
    tv,SAMS 4729.His son sprayed water in front afterwards no video or
    menus.I found:

    S2008=Sony # 1-762-816-11=stack tact switch=Menu select
    S2007=Sony # 1-762-816-11=stack tact switch=Menu up/down

    to be corroded so I unsoldered them and checked the board for
    corrosion.Now the tv comes on but when ever volume - or + buttons are
    pressed the tv keeps going up in channel (and the volume goes up or
    down accordingly).When channels up or down is pressed the tv goes up
    in channel and when the tv power button is pressed the tv shuts off
    but when turned on again it moves up the channels.

    The remote control will only will only turn the tv on,no other
    functions and the red standby LED only blinks once when initially
    turned on which means nothing according to these sites:

    Sony standby blinking LED definitions:

    Yes the tv has a station and audio present but I cannot access menu
    button when I jump pcb locations S2007 or S2008.

    For a free service manual download:

    Anyone have any common repair tips for me?.Thanks in advance for help.

    Dartmouth,Nova Scotia
  2. Art

    Art Guest

    Suggest removing all the TAC Switches and replacing them. Plus check the
    traces and other components in the same area of the board for any traces of
    corrosion or mold. May require removal of other components to be assured
    there is not goo under them. Time consuming and aggravating!
  3. Guest

    Thanks Art.

    Anyone have a generic part # & make for those tact switches? and I
    determined that the EEPROM is still corrupt IC003=EEPROM=M42C16-
    MN6T=Sony # 8-759-699-33=$18 CDN but Digikey lists it for only # CDN:

    so can I just but the generic it then go into service mode and press 8
    followed by enter on remote to reset EEPROM values to factory setting?
    or the Digikey one will not work?.Thanks.

    48 EEPROM service mode access sites: Code/service-mode.htm!eeprom-code/tv-vcr/

    Dartmouth,Nova Scotia
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