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27" Hitachi tv model:27CX7B,chassis:M3LXU2

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Sidney, Sep 8, 2004.

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  1. Sidney

    Sidney Guest

    27" Hitachi stereo tv model:27CX7B,chassis:M3LXU2,year:June 96,PIP
    with S-VHS input.3 months ago the customer dropped the tv off for
    repair because of no power so I replaced the following parts:

    In SMPS:
    C918=100 Uf,6.3v
    C920=100 Uf,16v
    C923=470 Uf,16v

    In Horizontal driver section:
    C925=1 Uf,160v

    In other areas:
    C729=470 Uf,25v
    C711=470 Uf,35v
    C706=470 Uf,16v

    In vertical section (as preventative maintenance)
    C606=100 Uf,35v
    C702=10 Uf,16v
    C603=10 Uf,16v
    C613=2.2 Uf,50v
    C728=330 Uf,6.3v

    And now three months later the customer called today and said no power
    again,he has not dropped it off yet but I would like to know if anyone
    has access to Hitachi repair tips for this model/chassis from all of
    those tips repair sites.
    Thanks in advance.

    Dartmouth,Nova Scotia (the land of berries)
  2. Sidney

    Sidney Guest

    Apperently the tv below is missing the 5v vcc (B+) for the micro and I
    have not accessed Hitachi's free service manuals site in several
    months so my account became automatically deleted so I reapplied and
    it may take several days so in the mean time can someone e-mail me the
    schematics dealing with the micro area and power supply?.
    Thanks in advance.

    Dartmouth,Nova Scotia (the land of berries)
  3. Sidney

    Sidney Guest

    Apperently the tv above is missing the 5v vcc (B+) for the micro after
    extensive troubleshooting I noticed that when I take my Fluke DMM
    series II model:29's lead and touch pin 8 of IC901=TDA4605-3=Hitachi #
    2020392 the tv comes on and works normally but there are times when
    the tv will not come on then after I touch pin 8 the tv comes on again
    of course after I press the power button.
    I replaced the three electrolytics around IC901 but problem is still
    there,anyone have any tips to allow me to isolate the problem

    Dartmouth,Nova Scotia (the land of berries)
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