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25" Sharp TV blows fuse

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Randy, Dec 5, 2003.

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  1. Randy

    Randy Guest

    I have a 25" Sharp TV that keeps blowing the fuse. I found a shorted
    horizontal output transistor and replaced that. As soon as I hit the power
    button on the set it shorted the horizontal output transistor again and blew
    the fuse. There's a part right next to the horizontal output transistor that
    looks like a diode but is listed on the schematic parts list as a "ferrite
    bead". It also seems to be shorted out. What exactly is a ferrite bead?
    Would this part be shorting out the horizontal transistor or is there
    something downstream that I should check for that would be shorting out both
    of these parts?
  2. David

    David Guest

    How can we politely say: From your posting it definitely appears that you
    are in over your head at this point in time. It would benefit you greatly
    to find some of the older books, library maybe, that covers the basics of tv
    troubleshooting and repair. It would be of even greater benefit to have on
    hand an experienced technician on hand as a mentor during your learning

    Did you perform the basic standard tests and waveform analysis before
    replacing the HOT to try and determine why it shorted in the first place?
    i.e Flyback ring test, HOT drive waveform, Regulated B+ voltages, etc
    I am sure that once you find the answer to this question with some research,
    that you will be able to properly troubleshoot and find the root cause of
    the failure.

    BTW does this set have a hot chassis? Make sure you take the appropriate
    safety precautions if it does. i.e. isolation transformer. has a nice section on safety plus troubleshooting
    information and resource links.

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