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24V DC Weller soldering tool follow-up (was: I need a 12V 3A regulator ... small)

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Ross Herbert, Mar 6, 2007.

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  1. Ross Herbert

    Ross Herbert Guest

    When I suggested that the OP could use a Weller TC201 soldering pencil
    on 24V DC instead of obtaing a 24V to 12V dc-dc converter, the
    question was raised as to whether the switch contacts in the TC201
    would be subjected to excessive arcing when breaking the dc heater

    After several emails trying to get my query to somebody in Cooper
    Tools who knew what they were talking about, I finally received an
    answer from a Production Engineer at Cooper Tools (Michael J. Naissen)
    which confirmed that there would be no adverse arcing or wear to the
    contacts when operating on 24V dc. The same switch unit is used on
    their 12V dc soldering tool where the heater carries double the
    current of the 24V dc TC201. Therefore the OP can safely use a TC201
    directly on 24V dc instead of trying to find a suitable 12V converter.

    The full text of the reply is as follows;

    The SW60D switch is made by Weller in the USA. and is made for use
    only in Weller soldering tools. The specifications are for internal
    use only. If you propose a different use for the switch then please
    let me know and I will try to assist you.

    The SW60D is also used in the TCP 12, 12 volt tool which is
    specifically designed and rated for 12 volts DC and is supplied fitted
    with battery clips. At 12 volts DC the current switched is
    approximately double the current switched in a 24 volt tool. We do not
    have any trouble with early failure of switches in these tools.

    The specific answer to your original question is that we are quite
    happy to authorise and fully warrant the use of any TC201 or TC201B
    tool with a 24 volt DC power supply.

    In the event that the switch were to be used for any other purpose
    then no warranty would apply regardless of the voltage or whether AC
    or DC power was used.
  2. Piglit

    Piglit Guest

    FWIW I have been using a TC201 of a little 24 volt DC output SMPSU for
    16 years, and for sone unknown reason, the elements and switches have
    outlasted my regular AC powered TC201s . Strange ! (I originally did
    this when travelling a
    lot and wanted a Weller that would work anywhere in the world and
    didn't weigh much).
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