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240V multiple-switch

Discussion in 'Home Power and Microgeneration' started by David Williams, Nov 9, 2008.

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  1. -> Anyway. There are 5 connectors that are marked P-L-1-P-2
    -> Both P's are always used. When I turn the switch, the following
    -> configuratins take place:

    -> 1. P - 1 - 2 (low setting)
    -> 2. P - L - 2 (medium setting)
    -> 3. P - L - 1 - 2 (max setting)

    -> What baffels me, is that both P and 2 are always used.

    -> Does anyone here know the inner workings of this kind of switches?
    -> Have tried searching for this, but dont know what they are called.

    -> --
    -> SEE YA !!!
    -> Trygve Lillefosse

    Are there words in Norwegian that start with the letters P and L and
    which mean relevant things, such as Live, Neutral, etc.?

  2. I am realy unsure about this. Only thing I can think of is Passive and
    Live. This is a switch from the 50's and there may be several

    Nowdays they would have been marked with N(eutral) and L(ive). With
    different phases L1-L2 etc. is used.
  3. Silly question: Have you taken the switch out and taken it to your local
    electrical supply store to see if they can give you some input/test the
  4. No. I want to know what to expect before i take it out.:)

    Also, I am not going to exchange it for a similar one, but for a
    different setup.
  5. I'd assume that a shop could explain to you what the wiring is and the
    proper way to have a different setup.
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