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24 volt DC wall switches

Discussion in 'Photovoltaics' started by Don Miller, Jul 18, 2006.

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  1. Don Miller

    Don Miller Guest

    Looking for source for 24 volt DC rated wall switches.


  2. I think we had this discussion before and folks suggested
    looking at marine parts stores as boats are often wired
    at 24V.

    Doing a quick search I found this place.
    Water Resistant Contura Switch - Black
    Rating: 24 Volts DC - 15 Amperes

    Of course, you can always use a regular AC light switch
    to power a low voltage relay. As long as the current
    going through the switch is small, you shouldn't have
    much trouble and you can pick a relay that will switch
    whatever amperage you like.

    I believe there have been discussions of using AC switches
    for DC and folks suggested adding diodes.

  3. Guest

    What do the diodes do?

  4. Diodes across the load will absorb (short out) inductive spikes.
    Doesn't help with the DC arc supression thing, so it's only half the
  5. Don Miller

    Don Miller Guest

    I'm concerned about the ashes passing an insurance inspection if the house
    burns and don't want to chance a homebrewed solution.

    Are there no 24volt DC rated wall switches? I need 7 of them.


  6. Guest

    How about an air puff?

  7. Guest

    I seem to recall that some high voltage high power switches work this way.

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