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24 Volt AC speed controller or dimmer switch

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by [email protected], Dec 20, 2007.

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  1. Guest

    Hello I used to be able to purchase a 24 volt AC rotary speed
    controller for some small fan coils I supply. These fan coils draw up
    to 2 amps. The manufacturer in the US seems to have gone out of
    business. Does anyone have an idea where I may be able to get this
    type of switch. Rotary is preferred, but I will try most anything.
    Thank You, Jim
  2. Guest

    There are several ways to control the speed of an AC motor. It
    depends on th specific type of motor, quality, output speed torque...
    Here is a link to a basic (cheap) one made by Dart Controls. You may
    also want to check Baldor, or Bodine. They make small motors and may
    have controls. Other big catalog distributors to check with are
    Allied Electronics, or Newark. Both have pretty good web sites to
    search for this type of control.
  3. default

    default Guest

    The basic schematic on this site works well. 0-30 volts 0-10 amps
    Potentiometer SCR Throttle Schematic is the one you want.

    The other circuits try to emulate mass and inertia to give realism to
    the model trains they control - and are lots more complicated.
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