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24-bit audio DAC IC

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Ghazan Haider, Oct 28, 2004.

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  1. ATMEL recently released the AT89C51SND2C. Awesome for mp3 players,
    cheap, features, low power, small. The only thing to be desired is a
    better quality DAC.

    Anyone here knows of a DAC or a complete MP3 decoder for audio with
    SNR in excess of 100db, 24-bits and a sampling rate to match?

    I'm thinking of something like the Audigy chip from creative, but for
    embedded systems without the midi, memory, recording stuff. Anyone
  2. The Wavefront ADC, DAC and DSP's look good, and so did the equipment
    that Alesis used to make from them. I haven't used them, but if you
    do, let us know: <>.
  3. Pooh Bear

    Pooh Bear Guest

    I've used them.

    They're fine.

    AKM and TI ( Burr Brown ) makes some nice converters at comparable prices

  4. Ghazan Haider wrote...
    Available from Avnet (not in stock): minimum order 450 pieces at
    $12.78 each = $5750, massive programming required, yes, that's
    very attractive for a hobbyist. Maybe you can get samples. :>)
    Creative uses a Cirrus Logic cs4398 24-bit 120dB dac in their E-MU
    1212 and 1820 products, which have an em8810 board. That's a pretty
    powerful new part, and Cirrus Logic older dacs may be easier to get.

    For example, the cs4334 is a low-cost 8-pin soic 24-bit stereo dac
    apparently with the same I2S format used in the Atmel AT89C51. In stock at
    Newark for $2.01 each single pieces! The cs4334 family are drop-in
    replacements for the older popular cs4330 family parts, no longer
    manufactured, but widely available in the surplus chip market.
  5. <snippage of discussion regarding the availability of 24-bit audio dacs
    with 100dB SNR for use in MP3-players>....

    Um, perhaps my question is a little obtuse, but *why*? I was under the
    impression that MP3 was a lossy compression and that the sound quality
    was not as good as a standard CD under the best of conditions. If true,
    wouldn't a CD-quality audio dac be a bit of a waste?

  6. Stephan Goldstein wrote...
    Well, maybe, maybe not. But given that Newark sells the 8-pin cs4334
    24-bit stereo DAC for just $2.01 each (single pieces), why not?
  7. You may want to implement a digital volume control, in which case the
    volume control range gets subtracted from the dynamic range of the

  8. ChipSleuth

    ChipSleuth Guest

    Any idea how makes Sandisk's MP3 player for them? Or, who makes the
    controller chip? I do not think its Sigmatel, but I am not sure. It
    might be Philips or Texas Instruments, but cannot seem to get
    confirmation of this. Anybody know??
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