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230v Transformer, 115v input.

Discussion in 'General Electronics Discussion' started by Divedeep, Apr 11, 2015.

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  1. Divedeep


    Feb 2, 2014

    I have a question that i would like to run past you.

    I have a device that uses a 230v PCB mounted transformer. EL30 casing.
    The transformer has 2 pin for input, live and neutral, and has 2 outputs, 12v each.

    I would like to allow this device to work in the USA which uses 115v. Can anyone see a problem with using a 230v transformer with 2 x 24v outputs. As i would be supplying half the voltage then i would get half the voltage at the output, giving me the 2 x 12v outputs.

    Is there anything wrong with this approach?
  2. hevans1944

    hevans1944 Hop - AC8NS

    Jun 21, 2012
    Applying half the primary voltage to a transformer with a 240 VAC-rated primary will work, and the secondary voltages will be halved, but the transformer may not be able to deliver its rated current to the secondary windings.
  3. Colin Mitchell

    Colin Mitchell

    Aug 31, 2014
    "may not be able to deliver its rated current to the secondary windings."

    I do not see why not.
  4. Tha fios agaibh

    Tha fios agaibh

    Aug 11, 2014
    I agree, theoretically it could draw twice the current at the lower voltage without exceeding the va rating of the transformer.
    Also, USA household voltage is 120v and running at 60hz. (Your xformer is 50hz?) But should still be about half.
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