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$210 Billion In PV Would Reverse Osmosis All the Rise In Sea Level

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Bret Cahill, Jan 2, 2013.

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  1. Bret Cahill

    Bret Cahill Guest

    Who gave you that figure?

    Bret Cahill
  2. ridiculous; all of the datum shows that AnIS and GrIS continue to
    and how can that be?
  3. the primary maintenace activity is keeping green plants
    from shading the device, perhaps by herbiciding the lot;
    I want to enact a rule, that no *prior* removal of trees be done,
    for teh sake of "new rooftop solar," since selective coppicing can
    be done, afterwords, to maximize the PVic, anyway.
  4. Sleepalot

    Sleepalot Guest

    It's water that makes sink holes, by dissolving and eroding the rock.
  5. G=EMC^2

    G=EMC^2 Guest

    Out of the UK comes Severn Trent Water. A Mafia company. They will
    kill you for a buck,and do. In Florida their water kills children and
    old people.If you make any trouble they have hit men like SHERIFF "Bob
    Hansell' Osceola county to kill you. I lived in Osceola Fl. and Very
    lucky to be alive. TreBert
  6. benj

    benj Guest

    Drink the Tank, Treeb. Make HVAC a prophet!
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