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2002 Toyota Camry Radio 86120- AA040

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by [email protected], Jun 15, 2007.

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  1. Guest

    The above radio went black but continued to play. When we tried to
    change the sound level or the station, the controls didn't work. I
    checked both fuses and they were ok. The radio turns on with the
    ignition and plays on that one channel. Is this fixable at a
    reasonable rate, or is it better to install a used or after market
  3. Like you even know for damn sure?

    This could be a totally different person.

    Sheesh, how much better this world would be if people just learned to
    mind their own business.
  4. m kinsler

    m kinsler Guest

    Presumably this is yet another cry for help, so I did a very brief
    Google search on Kendra Weissbein. It's not altogether surprising
    that the name belongs to a child psychologist at a counseling service
    in Santee, California, not far from San Diego. Here's the best
    listing I have:

    SANTEE, 92071, 6195969892

    I assume that this last number is a telephone number. If anyone lives
    nearby, you might put in a telephone call and tell Dr Weissbein that
    one of her patients has been making her name famous over the Internet,
    in this group, a home repair group, and alt.pets.

    I've often wondered how dangerous it is to be a mental health
    professional and have to deal with unstable people on a daily basis.
    I suppose that incidents like this are the least of it.

    M Kinsler
  5. PeterD

    PeterD Guest

    Considering that poster was from Germany I doubt anything in CA will
    be terribly interesting to him. He/she is/was just a troll, and
    ignoring is the best response.
  6. m kinsler

    m kinsler Guest

    I understand that, and it is indeed true that the best policy for
    peace within any discussion group is to ignore such posts. I will do
    so in the future.

    But this kid seemed a bit more persistent than many, and I believe
    that it is possible to disguise the place of origin of posts (a couple
    of months ago an e-mailed bomb threat to our local high school from a
    local resident was funneled through a disguised site in Great
    Britain.) Kendra Weissbein is not a common name (hooray) and the fact
    that there's a child psychologist by that name and a young person who
    is using that name to send crazy posts about injured animals seems a
    bit like a cry for help. Three or four posts from an unattended
    account from someone who wants to pull a prank is one thing, but this
    has gone on for quite a while, and on three separate Usenet groups.

    It's difficult to know what to do, but I felt that in this case it
    would be worth one more response to let the poster know that someone
    was paying enough attention to her posts (dunno why I think it's
    female, but I do) to undertake at least a token investigation.

    M Kinsler
    amateur social worker, like most kids of his generation
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