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20 year old Sony KV-25XBR

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Armand, Jun 20, 2006.

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  1. Armand

    Armand Guest

    Hello all. I have a 20 year old set that was killer in it's day. Heck, it cost
    a grand that long ago.

    The problem that developed today is that the picture is well, shimmering
    would be the best description. It affects the geometry and the color and both
    kind of waver.

    The question is whether or not it's worth repairing or to trash it. If I can fi
    nd a
    schematic, a friend of mine is pretty good at fixing TV's, if he has the time.
    Any idea in general, what went south on this TV? Yesterday it still had a great
    picture. Thanks!
  2. Jim Land

    Jim Land Guest

    (Armand) wrote in

    Remember, Google is your friend.
  3. RP

    RP Guest

    Sounds like a simple degaussing coil thermister, I replace mine on my
    KV2786R twice already.
    It the little black box (not the relay) where the AC cord meets the main
    board......has 3 pins.costs $2

    Waving a soldering gun **NOT AN IRON (wile pulling the trigger) or tape head
    de-magnetizer around the edges of the screen will temporarily "comb" it out
    if the case "confirm"
  4. Master Matt

    Master Matt Guest

    trash it get a HDTV
  5. Franc Zabkar

    Franc Zabkar Guest

    Does this set have a "H-stat"?

    If so, this old post of mine may help:

    - Franc Zabkar
  6. Jerry G.

    Jerry G. Guest

    Start by replaceing the degaussing thermosistor.

    I am sure that because of the age of the set, there must be many
    capacitors that have become high in ESR. The CRT is most likely going

    It is coming time to let the set bite the dust, and start shopping for
    a new one. TV has changed a lot since that set was made.

    Jerry G.
  7. Inty XP

    Inty XP Guest

    In data Tue, 20 Jun 2006 10:27:35 +0200, Master Matt
    What an amazing reply.
  8. Inty XP

    Inty XP Guest

    This is a Sony, surely it worth the repair if the C.R.T. is in good shape.
  9. Armand

    Armand Guest

  10. Armand

    Armand Guest

    RP: Funny you should say that, because it kinda looked like a magnetized
    CRT except that it flutters. Usually, an affected CRT would look like a tie-dye

    If I find the part number, where can I order the thermistor? Thanks.
  11. Armand

    Armand Guest

    I have one in the family room. This is a second TV in the living room for the
    kids when I'm watching HBO.
  12. Armand

    Armand Guest

    Actually, it's amazing that the picture is still quite good when it works and
    was a killer in it's day. When I look back, it was actually worth the 1K price.
    It was interesting to see the same TV used as a monitor on local stations
    during news broadcasts back then.

    Thanks for your response, Jerry. I'm sure the electrolytics have dried out by
    now. I plan on checking for any bulging or leaking E-caps.
    I get a chance to open it up,
  13. Armand

    Armand Guest

    I agree.
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