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20 pin ribbon style cable

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Bryan Martin, Feb 8, 2006.

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  1. Bryan Martin

    Bryan Martin Guest

    Anyone have any info on where to possible find a part.

    I am programming/testing a lot of atmel at90s2313 20 pin DIP sockets. My
    intentions are to take a 20pin dip socket and connect a cable to it so I can
    move the microcontroller from test bench to programming and back with ease
    and without having to remove the chip from the socket. In otherwords say I
    wanted to move the chip off the devboard to reprogram I simply want to
    unhook the cable which is attached to the DIP socket and hook it into the
    cable from the programmer. Oh and yes I already know they have ISP
    programmers ETC and thats not what I am looking for.

    I am having problems finding a cable with the right size end that would
    allow me to do this by connecting directly to the DIP socket. If anyone has
    any ideas please post.
  2. Chris

    Chris Guest

    Hi, Bryan. I'm sure you could do as better job of describing the cable
    you need.

    Are you looking for a ribbon cable which has a 20-pin DIP plug on each
    side? In the Digi-Key catalog, you could get one of their
    A6MMT-2006G-ND for $4.06 ea. This is 6" long, which should be enough
    for what you want. You should keep the ribbon cable as short as
    possible. But if you want an 18" one, the P/N is A6MMT-2018-ND.

    If you want to have a pair of sockets at the other end of the ribbon
    cable (one for the DIP plug, and one for inserting microcontrollers to
    program), buy the above, and then make the dual socket setup on a piece
    of perfboard.

    Between the two of these, I was able to do a few things with a
    development board.

    Ask for a catalog when you place your order -- they're free, and are a
    big help when you're trying to figure out the names of the doohickeys
    we use.

    If neither of these will do, could you describe what you need with more

    1) The 20-pin Atmel IC is called a DIP (Dual In-line Package).

    2) The (usually) black thing you plug the 20-pin Atmel DIP part into
    is called a DIP Socket.

    3) The connector at the end of the ribbon cable that plugs into a DIP
    socket is called a Ribbon Cable DIP Plug.

    4) The Atmel chip itself is called the microcontroller.

    5) The small board you're using to program the Atmel is usually called
    the development board.

    6) The board the microcontroller is eventually going to be used in is
    sometimes called the target board.

    Feel free to post again.

    Good luck
  3. Bryan Martin

    Bryan Martin Guest

    I think you got something similar to what I am looking for. Sad part is
    that I do actually have a digikey catalog and have searched the site but
    could not locate it among all the other things.

    Thanks again
  4. Tim Shoppa

    Tim Shoppa Guest

    20-conductor ribbon cable is pretty common stuff, so I'm assuming you
    aren't really looking for "cable", what you want is the part that goes
    on the end.

    Maybe your search is for a 20-pin DIP plug that goes onto ribbon cable?
    AMP makes them, part #746613-5. There are also solder-type headers that
    plug into DIP sockets. All this stuff was the rave 30 years ago :).

    All that said, you really really want to go to in-circuit programming.
    Why any developer would go through all this crap with plugging and
    unplugging chips all the time is beyond me, especially in our modern
    surface-mount world.

  5. Jasen Betts

    Jasen Betts Guest

    ["Followup-To:" header set to sci.electronics.misc.]
    solder .05" ribbon to a 20 pin DIP wire-wrap soccket.

    ISTM that' it'd be easier to superglue a perspex handle to the
    back of the chip.
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