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2 Pin Mains Plug Search (UK)

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Mad Ad, Feb 16, 2005.

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  1. Mad Ad

    Mad Ad Guest

    I have picked up a marantz pm310 off ebay, sold as untested since no mains
    lead existed.

    I wanted it for parts to repair my own 310 but when it arrived I plugged it
    in where my old one was and blow me down it works perfectly.

    That means all I need its the 2 pin mains lead to get the other one working
    again. I hoped it was just a case of plugging the p/n in but I get nothing
    back at all. The sockets got the BS kitemark number, plus what looks like
    its own part number,


    but nothing comes up when I look for it. The one lead I have has

    P-289 on it.

    Both have their ratings of 6A 250V stamped. There's nothing obvious in
    maplin or RS but if there an equivalent, I don't know it.

    I have photos of it here:

    Thanks for any help

  2. NSM

    NSM Guest

    Looks a bit like a US small appliance connector.
  3. Guest

    why don't you just open up the unit, remove the 2 pin connector, and
    take a 3 pin IEC socket from an old PC power supply, and screw that in
    instead? I had to do this once with an old slide projector.
    Only difference is you dont use the earth pin

    regards, Ben
  4. Mad Ad

    Mad Ad Guest

    Ben: yes thanks I had thought of a power type socket conversion, but its a
    damn good quality unit and id have to dremmel it a bit to fit and its a bit
    close to the board- finding a lead is my first (and easiest) option I want
    to try.

    NSM: Really? lol, that's surprising. I have no idea about anything like
    that, I thought the pins were a bit bigger than those. Here's a picture of
    the plug end with tape measures for perspective.

    Seems to be 3/4 Inch by 1/2 Inch external with the pin apertures approx.
    7/32" by 3/32" (or 5mm x 2.2mm). Is that anywhere close?

    Thanks a lot for the help


  5. NSM

    NSM Guest

    I have waffle makers and similar things with a plug somewhat like that, but
    the Yanks are always coming up with odd connectors. Fortunately they're
    changing over to the 6 amp connector (DIN style) now.
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