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2.65Volts CMOS interface.

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by David Joseph Bonnici, Oct 1, 2004.

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  1. Hi, I need suggestions on what logic level translators IC's to use to
    interface 2.65Volts CMOS.

    I have the following constraints on the 2.65Volts CMOS side.

    Rout is approx 1kΩ
    For logic 0-> Vout,max = 0.2V @ I = 0.1mA
    For logic 1-> Vout,min = 2.25V @ I = -0.1mA
    -> Vout max = 2.76V

    As you can see there is not much where to play. Only 0.11Volts up and
    0.4Volts down. This thing is getting me crazy. I need the system to be
    robust, and also transfer rates of 115,000 baud.

    There are some IC's around that are specifically for low voltage
    interfacing but the output voltage is quite dependent on the current
    sunk. The voltage drop is in the order of several hundred milli volts.

    Any ideas and suggestions. Preferably the IC's used are in DIP package

    David Joseph Bonnici
  2. I might have not understood, what you are saying. I am constrained to
    use such a family.

    David Joseph Bonnici
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