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1PPS and 1 PPM signals driving

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by nds, Aug 24, 2006.

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  1. nds

    nds Guest

    I have a TM4 GPS unit gives o/p as 10 MHz sine wave, 1PPS , 1PPM
    signals (100 ms on time squre wave)...

    I would like to make the Mulitple of this signals ...
    will u suggest me which IC's I should use as a Buffer or which give
    multiple o/p

    My specific requirement of ic that i should have 50 ohm o/p impedance
    so that i will use the RG-58 cable for the further signal Transmission
    to diff unit as ref. input.

    also i have to convert 10 MHZ sine wave to 5 MHZ and 1 MHz TTL square
    Presently i am using 10E125 for 10 MHZ ECL to TTL converter and then
    Processing using IC 7490..kindly suggest me which IC 's i should use

    is it better to use ACT IC's ..are they 50 ohm o/p compatible...
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