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1n34a Germanium Diode finally found!!

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by [email protected], Aug 28, 2013.

  1. Guest

  2. Not many people here are repairing things that need germanium

    You do realize that while the 1N34 was an early diode that somehow made it
    into hobby circles, for most of the decades since it's merely been used to
    indicate "small signal germanium diode". There isnt' a lot unique to it,
    and since most of the articles specified "1N34", the outlets needed to
    indicate that they had it, or a reasonable facsimile. For that matter,
    after a while, "1N34" became shorthand in the articles for "small signal
    germanium diode". You needed that low forward voltage drop, and beyond
    that, most of the time nothing else mattered.

    My stash of germainum diodes are mostly unmarked. I have no idea what
    they are, and it really doesn't matter. If I need one, one will likely
    work as well as another.

    "!n34" is like "365pf variable capacitors" or "am loopsticks" or a lot of
    common transistors. They define a part, rather than a specific part.

  3. JW

    JW Guest

    You sure you looked hard enough?

    They're everywhere!
  4. But the price goes down the more you buy.

    It's a tradeoff. You can buy resistors at Radio Shack and pay quite a bit
    for a package of a few, or you can mail order and get a whole lot more for
    the same price. Unless you abandon electronics next week, you will make
    use of those extra resistors.

    The cost of handling a few components drives up the cost, a willingness to
    buy more of the same component lowers it. Somewhere in between, the
    priceis probably the same when you buy a few, or a lot.

    Diodes might not be the same, but you can always give them away. You
    won't be stuck with having to order them again. Or just think of it as
    paying outrageous prices for a few diodes, and then having lots of

  5. But what do you do if you get Chinese 1N60 type diodes which are made with

    That's the problem with buying from eBay, what happens if you buy them
    from this company?

  6. JW

    JW Guest

    Which distributor are you talking about? Both Mouser and Digikey have
    stock and you can buy one piece for about 50 cents.
  7. That's a separate issue.

    Yes, the problem with Ebay is people treat it like a single entity, "Ebay"
    rather than a platform for individuals and companies to sell their stuff.
    For some reason people are willing to buy things from strangers when in
    the past they would't or at least would give it a lot of thought.

    About a decade ago, I was scrapping boards, and found a lot more germanium
    small signal diodes than I expected. They were larger than silicon small
    signal diodes have become. An older solid state radio, with the germanium
    diodes in the discriminator kind of made sense, but I found more than
    that, though I can't remember what sort of boards. I was surprised, I
    figured I wouldn't find much and not in more recent boards. "Lot" is
    relative, but unless manufacturing, one doesn't need that many germanium
    small signal diodes. Now I wonder where I put those diodes?


    what happens if you buy them > from this company?
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