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1990 Sharp TV; vertical is way exagerated

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by bemc, Dec 29, 2004.

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  1. bemc

    bemc Guest

    We have a Sharp Linytron 25RC169 TV mfg in 9/1990. It's been good an
    faithful, but a week or so ago all of a sudden the vertical dimensio
    of the image appears to be stretched twice bigger than it should be
    though horizontal appears to be a proper fit on the screen. This is th
    same whether on broadcast or VCR sourcing. I am just good enoug
    soldering to be dangerous to myself, and am old enough to remembe
    taking tubes down to the local drug store to test them. Anyone able t
    throw any step by step ideas other than take it in, as right no
    finances make that not-an-option. This is one of two sets I am seekin
    help on, the second I will post tomorrow when I am awake..
  2. sofie

    sofie Guest

    Faulty circuitry in and around vertical output chip circuitry and/or
    faulty chip or other related parts.... diodes, resistors, high ESR
    electrolytics, etc. Most probably faulty, dry, high ESR electrolytics...
    without an ESR meter you can only guess.
    Standard testing and troubleshooting procedures will diagnose this
    You may want to go to the website for this newsgroup at
    there with some searching you will find helpful information ... or
    TAKE it to a repair shop for at the very least a repair cost estimate so you
    can make an intelligent repair decision with facts instead of internet or
    telephone wild guesses. This is usually a very economical and
    straightforward repair at most shops.
  3. JohnAce

    JohnAce Guest

    Look for some leaking Capacitors around the Vertical IC,, Maybe 1 uf or 2,2uf .
    Their are only a couple
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