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1980's model Southwestern Bell Desktop Phone-dead

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by badgerboy, Mar 3, 2007.

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  1. badgerboy

    badgerboy Guest

    My 1980's model Southwestern Bell Freedom Phone desktop phone was made
    before quality and durability were completely forgotten by designers.
    It has a nice accessible hookswitch with contacts visible for
    inspection, and a really nice touchtone keypad that feels solid and
    looks like it will last a long time.

    This phone has three wires connected to the input cable, red green and
    black, while all my other phones have only two wires connected to the
    input cable.

    I haven't used this phone in a few years and it seems to be totally
    dead. There is no dial tone or static or line noise, no dialing will
    work, no tones, nothing.

    So far I've checked the input resistance with the hookswitch open and
    closed and it gets a finite but very large resistance (8.5 Meg-OHM, I
    think) with the phone off hook, between the red and green wires, and
    something similar with the other pairs.
    The black wire is actually connected to the hookswitch contacts and
    also to a metal plate on the dialing keypad.

    The piece you hold in your hand (handset?) will work when connected to
    another phone.

    What should I do next to diagnose the problem? I have perused this
    group's topics, but I'm afraid I have little experience with phone
    repair beyond cleaning the contacts on the hookswitch.

    Thanks, Guy
  2. Typically, the red and green leads are for the line. Black or
    yellow is a spare.

    You may be able to find wiring info for your set from this site.

    Happy hunting.
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