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19" to 21" 4:3 flat-screen televisions?

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Tegger, Mar 20, 2013.

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  1. Tegger

    Tegger Guest

    Sorry if this is the wrong place to post, but it seemed logical to guess
    that those interested in electronics repair may have the answer I seek.

    I am looking for a 19" to 21" 4:3 aspect-ratio flat-screen television (not
    a monitor). Size isn't an issue, instead it's the aspect ratio.

    This is for my 86-year-old mother, who has a dying CRT TV and does not like
    the new wide-screen format. She wants exactly what she has right now: a
    19" "normal-looking" television..

    I am abundantly aware that no retailer currently has such a thing in stock,
    new. I can't find anything on the Craigslist-type sites in my area, or at
    TV repair places in my area. I keep getting told to look online, but that's
    not working either.

    Does anyone know of an alternate source?
  2. Tegger

    Tegger Guest

    To clarify: I meant that size isn't an issue to the extent that 19"
    televisions are available everywhere; they're just all wide-screen, which
    is not acceptable to my mother..
  3. Where are you located?

    I have a 36" Sony WEGA flat-face CRT receiver I'd be willing to swap for a
    decent 40" LCD replacement.
  4. Leif Neland

    Leif Neland Guest

    Tegger formulerede spørgsmålet:
    Take a big (cardbox) box, cut a hole in aspect ratio 4:3, paint it to
    look like the TV she bought in 1955 and put a modern TV inside.

    Does she want to squash the picture together, miss the left and right
    part, or letterbox-format with bars at the top or bottom.

    Or tell her to grow up and accept the fact that one cannot always get
    what one likes.

  5. Per Tegger:
    How about an analog TV with an add-on digital tuner?

    I've got a Sharp Aquos sitting right next to me and a couple of digital
    tuners in the closet somewhere.

    Philadelphia PA area... USA.
  6. whit3rd

    whit3rd Guest

    If you REALLY want this, just get a 4:3 monitor that has DVI input, and
    connect to a digital component tuner (some DVD recorders have such
    a tuner builtin, and there are some cable boxes that do this). I'm
    guessing you want an ATSC tuner (US broadcast), and will require
    a HDMI to DVI cable to wire it up. Audio is a separate issue, as is
    the programming of a suitable remote control.

    Typically, you get to choose letterbox or cropped or scaled screen
    when this kind of lash-up is done. Customer choice...
  7. Guest

    Thrift stores currently have a wide selection of 4:3 CRT televisions at
    low prices. Usually there is not a guarantee, but there is usually an
    outlet near the TV shelf, and they don't care if you plug it in to see
    if it works. Most of them will not have digital tuners, so you may want
    to bring your own signal source to check the picture - an add-on digital
    tuner, a DVD and a DVD player (or use one of the DVD players the store
    probably has), etc. Some problems a CRT TV can have won't show up until
    it warms up a little, so if it initally looks good, run it for 15 or 20
    minutes or so.

    Otherwise, I vote for the "4:3 computer monitor and tuner box" that has
    been suggested. offers a variety of 19" monitors starting
    at $105. They also have a TV tuner that will probably talk to most of
    them, Kworld SA295-Q, for $110. Your mom will have to use the remote;
    there are no up/down/volume buttons on the tuner box.

    Standard disclaimers apply; I don't get money or other consideration
    from any companies mentioned.

    Matt Roberds
  8. micky

    micky Guest

    Yes, plus maybe better yet, has frequent such tv's that
    people want to give away, and usually they work fine. It's just that
    they bought a newer tv. Freecycle takes occasional requests too, so
    that someone who is thinking about getting rid of something,
    esepcially to someone who actually wants it, will sometimes reply with
    just what the person wants.

    In and around Baltimore, there are now a half-dozen groups of
    Freecycle. I'm subscribed to 4, but 90% of the activity takes place
    in one of them that has half the membership of two of the others. I
    don't get it. We're not talking about the whole population but only
    those who joined Freecycle.

    BTW, do you mean flat screen or thin screen? Late model CRTs were
    almost all flat screen, but they stilll had a deep cathode ray tube
    behind them, 16" more or less. Thin screen means LED or LCD or plasma
    or something, just a couple inches thick. I have a computer
    monitor, found it out front of my house in a neighbor's trash waiting
    for the garbage man, that has the aspect ratio you want, 14" screen,
    and they must have made tvs like that too, so if that's what you want,
    you have to say "thin screen".
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