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.156 wire harness

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Chris W, Apr 5, 2005.

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  1. Chris W

    Chris W Guest

  2. Rich Grise

    Rich Grise Guest

    Look around for Molex, something like pin socket connector housings or
    some such. I've used those connectors before, but I don't know where
    you'd get them nowadays.

    Maybe Digi-key catalog page 95, figure 7. (guess it helps when you know
    what you're looking for). - click '95'. ;-)

    Good Luck!

  3. The following procedure is one I use without qualm on small
    numbers of connections for one-up constructions. To do
    more, you would procure a crimper.

    Use needle-node pliers to fold the wire-grasping ears on the
    terminal onto the stripped wire end. Bend the wire so that
    the insulation is not touching the rest of the terminal. Solder
    the pseudo-crimped portion quickly, taking care to not get
    solder on the mating contact portions of the terminal. Fold
    the insulation grasping ears over to form the strain relief as
    intended by the terminal design (and permit the terminal to
    be inserted into the connector shell).

    It goes pretty fast once you get the hang of it and is as good
    a connection as a crimp if you are careful.
  4. Chris

    Chris Guest

    Hi, Chris. From your picture, it looks like you need a 6-pin Molex

    Since you're doing the surplus boogie, try All Electronics:

    They have a CAT# CON-236 pre-made 6-PIN CONNECTOR W/HEADER, .156",
    which already has an 11" long 18AWG wiring harness attached. Simple,
    easy, and available for the miracle low price of $2.25 USD ea.

    Good luck
  5. Chris W

    Chris W Guest

    It looks like allelectronics have a few power supplies that would do
    what I need too, but they have 9 pins on the connector I see in the
    photo. Will say a 3 and 6 pin Molex connector fit next to each other on
    this thing

    Chris W

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  6. Chris

    Chris Guest

    Hi, Chris. You might have to shave both connectors on the ends a
    little with a hobby knife, but it should work.

    I like Power One switching supplies myself. $6.50 looks like a good
    deal. Make sure not to exceed 43 watts unless you've got a fan on it
    (that's what the 300 LFM means).

    Good luck
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