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13 pin DIN socket

Discussion in 'Electronic Components' started by Hallvard Tangeraas, Dec 22, 2004.

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  1. Does anyone have the layout specifications (pin spacing etc.) of a
    13-pin DIN socket (as used with Atari ST computers for the display
    monitor output), or know where I can find it?
    I have no idea who makes these connectors either, which makes it even
    Here's a picture of the kind of DIN plug I'm talking about: (scroll near
    the bottom of the page).
  2. If I had one of those, and I found that all that was needed to make it
    work with a standard SVGA monitor was an adapter cable, I would do the

    Use a continuity tester or DMM to find out which pin goes to the
    corresponding pin on the monitor.

    Acquire a 15-pin female connector, and check to see if there is room in
    the Atari for it.

    Remove anything that might get adversely affected my metal shavings.
    Remove the old connector, label the wires, etc. Get a rat tail file,
    etc., and ream out the hole and install the 15-pin it its place.

    Plug the monitor in with the regular monitor cable and enjoy a
    hassle-free, standard interface on the computter.
  3. Thanks for your suggestion, but I've already designed an adapter cable
    like that (

    This is for a project of mine where I rack mount (19" rack module) the
    whole computer and add among other things a dedicated VGA connector in
    addition to keeping the Atari ST connector on the same self-made PCB.

    So this is why I'm looking for the dimensions of the connector, so I can
    draw a new component to add to my "Eagle" library.
  4. My recollection is that I made a connector using strips of pins, the kind
    used for IC sockets with plastic between the pins and you break off what
    you need. I've not looked at the photo, but I recall the pins were inline,
    so this worked. It was the floppy disk connector that gave me trouble
    causing me to solder a more common connector on it.

  5. I think you're misunderstanding (or I'm misunderstanding your reply).
    I already have the socket, so I don't need to make one.

    But I'm trying to create a circuit board using the "Eagle" PCB design
    software, where I'm going to use this connector, so I need to know the
    exact dimensions/spacings/placement of those solder pins as this isn't a
    standard component which is found in the Eagle component library.
  6. try this link

    goto view information sheet ( pdf) (scroll near
  7. If you have the part you intend to use but don't know the maker (or
    can't find a dimensioned drawing), you can carefully measure the part,
    preferably with a vernier caliper or similar device.
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