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12V High Amp Motor Controller

Discussion in 'Sensors and Actuators' started by CocaCola, Sep 11, 2012.

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  1. CocaCola


    Apr 7, 2012
    Anyone have any input?

    I'm considering building this one...

    I like the digital 'speed' display feedback, the fact it will attempt to compensate the speed based on load, the adjustable battery warning indicator as well as the fact that even though 1 of the MOSFETS could technically handle the 40A they put 4 of them in there to keep it running cooler... All the 'cheap' ones I have come across from Asia are rated at 30A and pushing the limits of the chips in most cases... The motor I will be using it with draws 30A under normal full speed load, so using a 30A rated one is simply cutting it too close even though some report it works just fine...

    My plan is to gut out a cheaper 12V trolling motor that has a wasteful 'resistive' 5 forward - 3 reverse switch controlling the motor and replace it with this... It will be used on a small pedal boat where the motor will be mounted in back and I want permanent mounted wired as well as wireless control of the motor speed from the front seat or whatever... Simple pot for speed and forward/reverse switch mounted on the 'center column' of the boat as well as a 2 button key fob that I will build a front end interface for that can step through 10 or so preset speeds... Steering will still be done with the boats rudder for this application so I only need speed control of the motor...

    The only thing this lacks is the built in H-Bridge, but I will probably just use a DPDT that would sit normally closed for forward drive so there is no power wasted most of the time...

    Basically wondering if anyone has any input on a design they would rant and rave over that I should consider looking into?
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