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12V - 24V (Voltage Doubler)

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Sean J, Apr 5, 2004.

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  1. Sean J

    Sean J Guest

    If any one can help, I've run into another problem, Roland sent me this
    circuit (it works fine), but it runs the battery flat quite quickly

    " I have a 12V dc car battery and I need to run some truck electronic
    equipment, approx. 24V / 25mA "

    I wonder if anyone can help me with a schematic of a Voltage doubler from
    12V dc to 24V dc. I have seen one in a Electronic mag a long time ago. It
    used 2 transistors which oscillated, and 1N4007, a cap, etc. I only need
    25mA at 24V dc at the output. Please if anyone can help, I would greatly
    appreciate it, thanks.

  2. Seth Koster

    Seth Koster Guest

    This is probably the circuit, or very close to it. Transistor
    gate resistors both 1K, transistors both MJE3055, diodes 1N4004 (check
    this, I am working from old, sketchy notes), filter cap 1000uF. If
    you use the secondary of a 24V center tapped stepdown transformer
    get AC out of them. The load resistor represents your load.
    Basically this acts as an oscillator outputting a squarewave, then the
    output is rectified back to DC.
    In any case, since I am working from old lab notes, you might want
    to breadboard the circuit first just to see what comes out. Some
    issues that come to mind are that the filtering may not be adequate
    and the diode may need to be revalued since I don't remember what my
    input voltage was. I don't think the primary field had anything to
    do with how the circuit works, so you might want to find or make a
    center tapped inductor to avoid AC output at the primary windings of
    the transformer.

    | |
    | |
    | |
    |-------------o----------- |
    | | | |
    | |/ VCC C| |
    | |--/\/\---| +-- C| |
    | | |> C| | LOAD
    | | |----| | |
    | | |> | | o----.----/\/\----.
    --(--/\/\---| === | | | |
    | |\ GND | | | |
    | | | | | |
    ------------o----------| | --- ===
    | | /-\ GND
    | | |
    | | | FLITER CAP
    ------------->|----| |

    created by Andy´s ASCII-Circuit v1.24.140803 Beta
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