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120 Volts Micro Switch

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by news, Oct 31, 2004.

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  1. news

    news Guest

    Im an amateur/novice at electronics. Mostly I'm interested in electronics to
    fix things and make life a little easier around the house.

    My problem is that I have a light that is on a switch outside the house. I
    want to turn it on and off from inside the house. It's in an awkward place
    and makes it hard and unsightly to run 120v Wires and switch box etc. into
    the house. I would like to build an electronic switch that would only
    require me to run a small wire to an electronic switch from the light into
    the house. Can anyone point me to a schematic for this type of thing that I
    can build. I want the switch to provide its own power to the low voltage
    switch in the house. I don't want to be fussing with some sort of AC/DC
    adapter to provide the switch power.

    Can anyone help me out.

  2. Rich Grise

    Rich Grise Guest

    If it's just a light, your best bet would be to just get a piece of
    ordinary extension cord wire, or even speaker wire, in a color that's
    easy to hide, and mount a flush-mount extension switch. In any case,
    you'll have to string some kind of wire anyway, and lamp cord is designed
    for prettiness. :)

    Good Luck!
  3. Jack Hayes

    Jack Hayes Guest

    You could do this with an RF (wireless switch) and not require any installed
    wiring. These are available in Canada for turning on car engine heater in
    the winter without going outdoors.

  4. news

    news Guest

    Interesting idea. Yes I know that I will have to still use some wire. It
    will just be so much easier with smaller gage. I can run it into the house
    put it along baseboards etc. I would still like to use a small electronic
    switch with low voltage wire. Can anyone point me to where I can find this
    kind of thing.

  5. Eric R Snow

    Eric R Snow Guest

    You can use X10 devices for this. Google X10. There are lots of
    dealers. X10 sends a signal over the house wiring. So, you would mount
    a reciever inside the lamp housing and the transmitter in a convenient
    switch box inside the house.
  6. Richard

    Richard Guest

    I did this once using an old rotary type dimmer. Bridged the wiper to
    the high side of the pot with a CDS cell. Pointed that cell at a LED
    that I mounted in the front housing of the dimmer then turning on that
    LED turned on the dimmer. Adjust the pot to achieve the proper
    threshold. It's not wireless but you could use any LED and a wall wart
    it would be transformer isolated, opto isolated and low voltage.

  7. Dmitri

    Dmitri Guest

    news wrote:

    That can be easily handled by a pair of X-10 devices: a lamp module for
    that light (screw-in or wall switch replacement) and a mini-controller,
    which you install in a convenient place. Once you try it, you'll want all
    your house on X-10 switches ;-). Very easy to install, everything is
    pretty much plug-and-play. Do eBay search for X10 (X 10, X-10, you got the
    idea), you'll normally find dozens of sweet deals there.

    Dmitri Abaimov, RCDD
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