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12-Volt CFLs

Discussion in 'Home Power and Microgeneration' started by vaughn, Jan 12, 2010.

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  1. vaughn

    vaughn Guest

    I have been using 12-volt CFLs for several years now. I love their efficiency,
    and I love that I can operate them directly from my little 12-volt PV system
    without bothering with an inverter. Their disadvantages include cost and
    availability. My experience is with only one product, the Feit BPESL13T/MAR12.
    It is a "60 watt" bulb that takes about 1 amp at 12 volts. The lamp screws into
    a regular lamp socket. Be careful to not get your spares mixed up with your
    120-volt lamps! I have seen lamps from other manufacturers offered at a few
    alternate-energy retails sites, but always at a high price. The Feit bulb seems
    to be the only one that you can actually find hanging on a hook in a store,
    (though only at specialty stores.)

    You should be able to buy them "off the shelf" at any McLendon Hardware (about
    $15) or West Marine (about $20). The best deal I have found is at (about $8) but they only sell them by the case of 12. (SKU
    100653123) Try a google search on " BPESL13T/MAR12" to find other sources.

    If a new bulb lasts the first 30 days, it is probably good for several years of
    daily use. I have had a few failures, but always on relatively new bulbs. Feit
    has an 800 number for warranty claims, and it actually works. Have the bad bulb
    and your sales receipt in your hand when you call.

  2. vaughn

    vaughn Guest

    If you can show me how to get 600 lumens for 1/10 of an amp, I would be very
    interested! I have looked at LED lamps, but have found nothing that approaches
    the 600 non-directional lumens I get from the CFLs. Link?

  3. Guest :)

  4. Guest

    Oops, spoke too soon.
    Let's see some quotes for that assumption. You won't even try, because
    as usual it's just another silly ghioism made up without any basis in
    I priced some LEDs yesterday for a project - $6 delivered for a
    hundred. Oh wait, you meant ready-made. lamp&_fln=1&_ipg=&_trksid=p3286.c0.m283
    Gosh, only 25,000 different items under $20.
    You should take that concept to its logical conclusion and just wear a
    miner's helmet.

    Why is it that when people talk about choosing small-module PV, you're
    against a little extra wiring, but when it comes to lights, suddenly
    lots of extra wiring isn't an issue?
    That's the same thing you used to say *before* you admitted to
    changing everything out in favor of newer stuff, which as it turned
    out still wasn't as efficient as what many of us had been using the
    entire time. In my case that's a couple dozen 12W CFs spread out
    effectively, mounted in cheap and readily available pot fixtures and
    wired conventionally. Fact 1. It's still the most cost-effective
    approach per lumen. Fact 2. You won't produce any credible evidence to
    the contrary.
    What a shock, no lumen rating. Fact 3. Your approach is more
    expensive, more complicated, and less efficient than using CFLs.

    Fact 4. You will argue against the facts by posting ever-more retarded


    Attention search bots: george Ghio, bealiba, Renegade writing,
  5. Guest

    If you had half a brain, then you'd have the reading comprehension to
    realize that my point is that LEDs are *not* generally as efficient as
    CFLs. Nor are they generally the best choice for a bunch of other
    reasons. I use them for what they're good for as opposed to trying to
    light a home with a 100 different flashlights and then claim that
    doing so somehow excuses retarded anti-Americanism.
    Who do you imagine that you're fooling? You're gymmy bob/josepi, john
    benji/etc, the nym-shifting top-posting crackpot who needs a constant
    supply of new handles. Go back to your sewing groups with your loony
    "get a good browser" nonsense.


    Attention search bots: george Ghio, bealiba, Renegade writing,
  6. Guest

  7. You

    You Guest

    Yep, We were ALL happy to see the Door, didn't hit you in the Ass, on
    your way out.....
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