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12 volt automotive fan speed controller

Discussion in 'General Electronics' started by mark krawczuk, Nov 25, 2007.

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  1. hi, i am after a basic type schematic to controll the speed of a 12 volt
    dc automotive cabin fan .

    seems to be a bit of a problem in these saab`s.

    any schematic using a mj11032 or mj11016 darlington would be good. if
    not any electronic speed controll schematic will be fine.
    the original darlington is rated at about 25 amp , seems a bit excessive....
    these darlingtons i have are rated at 30 and 50 amp.

    thanks, mark k
  2. Eric Sears

    Eric Sears Guest

    Just a thought - why not Google "DC speed control circuit"?
    I have found many circuits that way.
    There are many of what you are looking for that use a 555 timer and a
    20+amp FET - but I see no reason why the MJ darlingtons you mention
    could not be made to work. I use the Dick Smith circuit (which used to
    be found in the back of the annual catalogue) - I think both the Aus
    and NZ catalogues were much the same.
    There are some other circuits which use an op amp as a comparator, but
    all are based on a variable ratio on/off switching.

    Best wishes with finding what you want.

    Eric Sears.
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