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110V timer

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Rob, May 27, 2007.

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  1. Rob

    Rob Guest

    I bought a 110v rotary timer and wired it to an outlet. Now I can turn the
    dial and it will turn off the outlet in 60 minutes.

    The timer cost $21, that seems pretty high. I have seen cheap timer IC, but
    they take low voltage. Does anyone know where I could buy the necesarry
    parts to do the same thing for a lot less. I need to make quite a few of

  2. D from BC

    D from BC Guest

    Just AC off in 60 minutes...??

    I'll guess..
    Triac + RC cct..

    D from BC
  3. Jasen

    Jasen Guest

    that price is high, I bet you can get 24 hour outlet timers for automatic
    start/stop of appliances for less than $5, (I've seen them for NZ$8)
    possibly the easiest way to build your 60 minute timers may be to grab a
    bunch of those (as they already have the switch etc... in them) and modify them.

  4. Such timers are often available surplus at places like,, or AllElectronics. They are also found in older and
    cheaper microwave ovens, so you could go to a dump and scrounge a bunch for

    If you are building them for your own use, you can get by with a solid
    state relay, driven by a simple circuit (a PIC would be my choice), but you
    can do it with a 555 timer, maybe with a large RC, but even better with a
    counter. You can use a wallwort for power.

    If you intend to sell them, you probably will need to build them per UL
    standards and have them tested.

  5. Gary Tait

    Gary Tait Guest

    You will need to get them approved, likely, depending on your situation.
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