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10Ghz Prescaler

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Jørgen Brandt-Larsen, Sep 22, 2003.

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  1. Dose anybody have a suggestion how to make a "divide by 1000" prescaler with
    a max input frequency of 10 to 12 Ghz. You can get divide by 2,4, and 8
    chips for 10Ghz but how to get form 2,4,or 8 to 1000 is the problem.

  2. Am I stating the obvious in dividing by 8 then all you need is divide by 125
    at 1.5GHz
    does that make the problem any easier?
  3. Adam S.

    Adam S. Guest

    I'm not at all familiar with high speed logic, but could you
    first divide by 8 then feed through three cascaded divide by
    5 counters ? Maybe connect up three MC10E451 6-bit D
    registers into a divide by 125. Will this work ?

  4. I guess it depends on what the final use for this is.

    If you can get by with divide by 1024, the answer is pretty obvious.

    If you need a closer answer, you could do some digital or analog math on the
    Maybe a good application for those little-used rate multipliers.

    If you need an EXACT divide by 1000, you could divide by two,
    that gets you down to 6GHz max, then maybe you can cobble together a divide
    by five,
    maybe as a ring counter, or some other topology that doesnt depend on
  5. maxfoo

    maxfoo Guest

  6. George R. Gonzalez wrote...
    He could divide by 8 with a Zarlink ZL40810, then by 5 with
    a 1.25GHz ring counter or pulse-swallowing divider, then by
    a final 25 with more conventional stuff rated at 250MHz.

    Or perhaps the whole final divide by 125 could be handled
    by On Semi's MC100EP016A programmable synchronous counter,
    although there might be little safety margin.

    - Win
  7. Andrew Paule

    Andrew Paule Guest

    You're now in the NBSG ballpark (although the parts are expensive) - 10G
    is not easy - been there, still there, you are going to have to talk
    SiGe and be very familiar with layout and simulation - traces,
    dielectric, and pad shape/launch matter here big time. The standard ECL
    parts (some quoted earlier) die at 1-3GHz, divide using the NBSG parts
    (use a flop - the 53) and then use the programmable divider.

  8. Hi !

    There is one readily available
    See at:

    12GHz prescaler.

    He is also a radio amateur and made a nice lecture about
    YIG Oscillator drivers on the weinheim ukw-Tagung this year.

  9. maxfoo

    maxfoo Guest

    ?? the parts Isuggested from Hittite work from DC-18GHz
    10GHz is childs play...been doing it for 25 years...
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