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1000 watt inverter

Discussion in 'Electronic Equipment' started by Tom Woodrow, Aug 21, 2003.

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  1. Tom Woodrow

    Tom Woodrow Guest

    I saw one at COSTCO the other day for $69.00 US. Don't know about the
    wave shape of the output though. Hope this helps

    Tom Woodrow
  2. Engineer

    Engineer Guest

    May I ask the group for some procurement advice?

    I am looking for a 1000 watt inverter (115 VAC from a 12 VDC
    marine or traction battery) that gives a "modified sine
    wave" output, literally 6 square waves in a cycle (lots or

    Where might I find one in Canada? (New or used.)
    What can I expect to pay for this unit in Canada?

    Also, what is a recommended brand of battery charger and
    likely Canadian price? I don't want to trickle charge it
    continuously to avoid gassing - I want a "charge and switch
    off" unit, or similar - so automobile chargers are out.

    BTW, this is not my professional field even though it looks
    very simple technically.

    Many thanks for all replies.


    Roger Jones, P.Eng.
    Thornhill, Ontario,

    "Friends don't let friends vote Liberal"
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