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100 volt totem pole with driver ???

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by John Kent, Jan 17, 2007.

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  1. John Kent

    John Kent Guest

    Threw all my data books out last year !. Need 100 volt (100mA) totem pole
    pair, preferably with built in driver. Can anyone suggest a suitable part
    number please ?. Thank you .... jk
  2. Tom Bruhns

    Tom Bruhns Guest

    Depending on exactly what you actually need to do, you may well find
    that one of the International Rectifier half bridge gate drivers can do
    just what you need, either by itself or with a simple pair of external
    mosfets. Besides the drivers, they have a couple drivers integrated
    with mosfet pairs, e.g. ir53hd420, which will do half an amp at 500
    volts. The drive part of that one might not quite do it for you.
    (Hint: forget the RC and just drive the C pin with a high enough
    amplitude logic signal.) But one of the multitude of SO8 drivers,
    with a pair of mosfets in SO8, might. Otherwise, try a search for
    "half bridge driver" or "half bridge with driver" as an alternative to
    "totem pole".

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