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10 Megawatt Photovoltaic System

Discussion in 'Photovoltaics' started by H. Dziardziel, Nov 3, 2005.

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  1. It still looks nice!!!
    Now I know why I am having such a hard time adding panels, not to mention
    the big foot print on the side of the box DHL droped off with all those nice
    stickers on them saying (DO NOT LAY FLAT GLASS)
    Yep it was shattered....sigh
  2. Solar Guppy

    Solar Guppy Guest

    Only ship panels Via Truck and band to a pallet for shipping solar panels,
    otherwise you take ALL the risk in damage

    All the Major shippers (FedEx,UPS,DHL) have specific disclaimers for ANY
    product that contains glass

    I learned the hard way on this as FedEx destroyed 3 panels (different
    shipments , within 2 weeks) and even though I paid for full insurance its
    was not covered due to the Glass clause , buried in a 120 page terms

    Lessoned learn :(
  3. Roland Mösl

    Roland Mösl Guest

    I do not like this. It's a waste of natural ground.

    As long as not every roof, every fassade towards south
    is completly filled with photovoltaic, we should
    not waste other areas for this.

    We should live where we harvest energy
    We should harvest energy where we live

    This is a strike against this

  4. Cheaper and more practical than retrofitting high rise buildings
    with panels?.
  5. Roland Mösl

    Roland Mösl Guest
    Europe is a dense inhabited country

    There is no natural surface to waste.

    There is nothing more ugly, than a building
    without photovoltaic roof and a field of
    photovoltaic behind.
  6. Yes but properly facing space was found for that. Where else, at
    a beach? <grin> Highways? And what about in dense inner
    cities? That's what I meant about, " retrofitting high rise
    buildings with panels?" There's also economy of scale for that..
    There was an economic reason for that installation.
    Agreed but cost determines the viable outcome.
  7. Roland Mösl

    Roland Mösl Guest

    There is just right now a project for noise protection
    for a highway near a small city.

    All the noise protection covering the high way
    should be photovoltaic heat combined modules.

    The heat will be used for green houses, delivering
    extrem cheap heat to grow plants
    Cost ist determined by taxes.
    A major part of future tax systms will be a
    land usage tax.

    This makes it cheaper to put photovoltaic on houses.
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